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SMA is a single resource for analytics of sports marketing trends, brand preferences, general media habits, sponsorship, social media, fantasy, eSports, participation, and sports equipment and footwear. We feature wide-ranging resources tailored to meet specific needs of sports teams, media, leagues, agencies, manufacturers, retailers and sports educational institutions.

SMA Basic

Fans (for each Sport Category)

  • Attendance
  • Brand Share-of-Market
  • College Sports
  • eSports
  • Fantasy
  • Logo Apparel
  • Social Media
  • Sponsorship Influence
  •  Streaming Audience
  • TV Audience


  • Sports Participation
  • Sports Equipment/Footwear

SMA Brand Share Index

Available with SMA Basic:
Includes Brand Share (Over 100 consumer products) for each sport category, in total and analyzed by
  • Demographics
  • Social Media
  • TV Viewership
  • Online viewership
  • Attendance
  • Sponsorship Influence Index
  • and more.

SMA Interactive

Available with BSI subscription:
Analysis of Brand Share data for each sport category by
  • Demographics
  • Social Media
  • General Media/Sponsorship analysis
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SBRnet serves any individual or organization with an interest in the business of sports with "one-stop" access to multiple resources, including Industry-developed Market Research, Government Statistics, Facility Reports and News, International Market Publications, Customized Research, and Directories

Only SBRnet provides nationwide analysis of statistical trends in each major segment of the sports market and the extent to which they interrelate.

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