What does SMA offer our commercial clients?

SMA is the perfect platform for conducting competitive intelligence into the sports fan market. OurSports Fan Analytics & Trends study provides you with key measurements of consumer fan behavior and demographics, trending since 2011, drawing upon nationwide consumer surveys, across 18 sport categories.

Fan Behavior and Analytics
With SMA, you gain a comprehensive insight into all facets of a dynamic, rapidly shifting sports fan marketplace covering TV viewership, online viewership, attendance, social media, sponsorship influence indices, mobile device consumption patterns, consumer product brand preferences, fantasy sports, logo apparel purchasing, sports venues, and favorite professional and college team rankings.

Features Major and Minor Sports
Sports Fan Analytics & Trends provide you with data across 18 different sports, including NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, MLS, NHL, Golf, Tennis, Running, College Football, College Basketball, NASCAR, IndyCar, Lacrosse, Soccer (non-USA), Minor League Baseball, Minor League Hockey, and Mixed Martial Arts.

Brand Share Index (BSI) Analytics
Covering more than 100 leading brands and 13 major sports, our Brand Share Index allows you to match fan market consumer behavior with their brand preferences, providing a vital tool for sponsorship development and activation.

SMA is a one-of-a-kind service. Here’s why:

  • SMA offers information not only to fan behavior for specific sports, but also brand profiles of a wide range of consumer products most likely to sponsor sports events, such as cars, soft drinks, sports drink, insurance, communication devices and services, and major athletic footwear categories.
  • Our exclusive focus is on syndicated market analytics. This enables us to provide nationwide consumer behavior patterns based on costly surveys at an affordable price for any single client.

Who should use SMA?

Our data is perfect for:

  • Advertising and marketing agencies
  • Consulting firms conducting competitive intelligence on behalf of clients
  • PR firms
  • Corporate sponsors
  • Teams
  • Leagues
  • Sports media
  • Financial services
  • Social media networks
  • Social media firms and digital marketing agencies


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