SMA Interactive: Overview

What is SMA Interactive?

SMA Interactive is an innovative, advanced analytical technology premium feature for SMA subscribers. Combined with SMA’s Brand Share Index, SMA Interactive enables sports sponsors and rightsholders to:

  1. Instantly identify the relative popularity of a sponsor’s brand among a sport’s fan base, such as NBA fans, across different demographic and media segments, and
  2. Instantly identify one brand’s popularity within a market segment relative to the popularity of competing brands within the same segment.


SMA Interative is available at no charge to SMA Subscribers. SMA Interactive provides invaluable guidance for both sponsors and rightsholders when they are in the process of choosing which sports to sponsor and, when the choice is made, to activate a sponsorship most effectively.

Two examples of SMA Interactive tables are shown below. They show that auto insurance brands, even in the same product category and within the same sports fan base, vary considerably in terms of their relative popularity within a given demographic characteristic among millennials and when comparing regional popularity.

Brand Share Index Among NBA Fans Ages 18-34, Auto Insurance Companies in 2016

Brand Share Index Among NBA Fans, Auto Insurance Companies, Northeast vs. North Central Regions, 2016


What is the Brand Share Index (BSI)?

BSI is our exclusive measure of the relationship between a brand’s market share within a market segment (such as ages 18-34) compared to the brand’s share of the overall sport fan base.

BSI is calculated by dividing the brand’s percentage share within a segment, such as “males,” by the brand’s percentage share among all fans within a sport category, such as the NBA. For example, if a brand’s overall share among NBA fans is 10.0% and the same brand’s share among males is 15.0%, then the Brand Share Index (BSI) for NBA male fans is 150.

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