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Guidance for Sport Business Solutions

A "Sport Business Solution" is simply a business strategy that creates and maintains customers for a sports product, whether that product is attending or viewing games, participating in sports or buying sports equipment, apparel or footwear.

The more a solution is based on up-to-date market information relating to consumer behavior, the more likely it is to succeed. Therein lies SBRnet's contribution…serving as an affordable, basic resource that provides nationwide market research relating to all aspects of the business of sport, upon which sports marketers can create, develop and execute effective business plans and programs.


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Support Market Planning / Know Your Consumers

The sport business actually depends on revenues from three basic sources…participants, fans and sporting goods buyers. SBRnet provides information reflecting the similarities and differences in demographic characteristics and consumer behavior patterns within each sport for each of these three segments. And these characteristics and patterns can differ even within a specific sport.

For example, consumers who attend events are different demographically from those who watch these events on TV or mobile devices. Skilled participants buy their equipment at different outlet types than do unskilled or new participants. Frequently involved fans and participants are a small percentage of the total, but they consume most of the sport products and services.

SBRnet is the only service providing all-encompassing coverage of consumer demographics and market and media behavior across the entire spectrum of the business of sports.

In-Depth Sponsorship Research

Sponsorship is a basic form of sports marketing that provides significant revenue for teams, leagues, athletes, event producers and governing bodies. SBRnet contains wide-ranging information relating to sponsorship development and measurement, including but not limited to:

Manage Teams, Leagues, Events, Venues

These are the "sport service providers" for fans and participants. Each "provider" is distinct from the other when it comes to business practices. For example, producing a sports event requires a different set of business skills and information needs from the skills and information needs required to produce an event or to build a venue.

Acknowledging these distinctions, SBRnet information is analyzed according to their respective business information needs. For example, demographics and behavior patterns are provided separately for professional fans, college fans, amateur participants, and buyers of equipment, apparel and footwear.


SBRnet Article Search

In addition to SBRnet’s comprehensive statistical research services, articles from leading sport industry trade publications are indexed and reported in full text for the following publications:

LA84 Foundation Newsletter
Revenues From Sports Venues
RSV College Facility Reports
RSV Pro Facility Reports
SGB Update
SGB Weekly
SportBusiness International
SportBusiness Newslines
Sports Executive Weekly
Sports Sponsorship Insider
The B.O.S.S. Report
TV Sports Market Daily

  • Inclination to support sponsors’ products (the exclusive SBRnet Sponsorship Influence Index)
  • Attendance statistics
  • Social and broadcast media involvement and audience levels
  • Purchases of logo apparel
  • Demographics of fans and participants, to match with demographics of sponsors’ products and services
  • Articles dealing with sponsorship from leading sports trade magazines, newsletters and press releases.

Information is provided on a sport-by-sport basis,


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SBRnet serves any individual or organization with an interest in the business of sports with "one-stop" access to multiple resources, including Industry-developed Market Research, Government Statistics, Facility Reports and News, International Market Publications, Customized Research, and Directories

Only SBRnet provides nationwide analysis of statistical trends in each major segment of the sports market and the extent to which they interrelate.

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