Don’t Eat Tide Pods Because Gronk Said So

People are stupidly taking videos of themselves eating Tide Pods. In order to get them to stop eating laundry detergent Tide created a video with the help of the Patriots Rob Gronkowski to get them to just say No. Rob Cressy is joined by Cave Social Founder Jordan Scheltgen to talk about why Gronk is a phenomenal spokesman and the perfect endorser to curb the eating of laundry detergent. What about this say no to eating Tide Pods video makes it so effective? What roles does humor play and what can other brands learn from the way this video stood out? --> Play

Mikal Peveto, Head of Aō Air North America – Episode 2

In this episode of the SLN Podcast, we speak with Mikal Peveto. Mikal is Head of Aō Air for North America, an innovative air filtration mask coming to market later this year. As a former colleague of his at adidas, Mike, along with many others, call him Peev. Peev cut his teeth in product innovation leading business units and divisions for brands like Nike, adidas, and Fila. --> Play

Erika Nardini, CEO at Barstool Sports - Community, Engagement & Content

Erika Nardini, CEO at Barstool Sports, joins Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy to talk about Barstool’s thriving community, creating engaging content, and paths for monetization. What value does Barstool Sports deliver when they create integrated content packages for brands? Is it possible for small to mid-sized publishers to survive solely on an advertising model or do they need multiple revenue streams? What separates Barstool Sports from other sports media companies and how do they embrace their community? What sort of qualities do they look for when hiring on new people for their team? What does the future of Barstool Sports look like? What’s the number one thing creators can do to create engaging content? --> Play

Jay Schroeder, Founder of The Evolution Code – Episode 3

On this episode, we speak with Jay Schroeder, creator of The Evolution Code. Jay was paralyzed from the chest down early on which led him on a path to curing his own paralysis by reading academic literature and researching the importance of the nervous system. Jay has been perfecting his nervous system training over 40 years and the results speak for themselves as some of the world’s top Olympians, professional athletes and even executives use the EVO Code for maximum performance. Jay spoke about the origins of EVO, shared a few examples of how MLB’s Stephen Strasburg and NHL’s Matt Barzal use EVO to perform better, and how focusing on training any individual muscle is flat out wrong. From paralysis to being the only non-team employee to get a world series ring in 2019 from the Washington Nationals, Jay has made his mark on athlete training.

Visit https://www.theevocode.com/ to learn more and use SLN15 to try EVO. --> Play

Johnny Adamic & Jimmy Martin, Founders of Brrrn – Episode 4

On this episode, we speak with Johnny Adamic and Jimmy Martin, co-founders of Brrrn. Before co-founding the company, Johnny was on the Obesity Task force for Mayor Bloomberg and Jimmy was writing jokes for Saturday Night Live and personal training, so naturally, they ended up founding Brrrn together. The guys spoke about Johnny’s admiration for Brett Favre, the story behind founding the company, why we should all slide train more, and their new at-home fitness push launch, the Brrrn Board. --> Play

Tough Mudder & Building a Community

What does it take to build a community and why don’t more brands do it? Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy dish about each of their experiences in building a community and share tips for how you can too. Why is consistency and volume of content so important? Rob also talks about his experience running the Tough Mudder. What made it such a fun experience and what does Tough Mudder to do build and engage their community? --> Play

Carolyne Savini, Head of North America at Nolan Partners – Episode 5

In this episode, we spoke to Carolyne Savini, Head of North America at Nolan Partners, a global executive search firm with a focus on sports and entertainment. Carolyne spoke about the current landscape in sports, her thoughts on hiring trends overall and specific to Covid-19, and she also touched on the cultural differences between working with a sports team versus a consumer-facing brand. Carolyne also spoke about the importance of diversity and inclusion, and why having multiple perspectives is so important. --> Play

Tracy Marek, CMO of the Cleveland Cavaliers – Marketing Champions & LeBron

Tracy Marek, Senior Vice President of Marketing & CMO of the Cleveland Cavaliers, joins Brian Cristiano and Rob Cressy to talk about the Cav's brand and how they have faced some unique marketing challenges. How do you build a loyal fan base, without a superstar vs with a superstar of the stature of LeBron James? What can other teams and organizations do to build their loyal fan base without a championship? What is it like marketing the Cavs and LeBron? Tracy gives behind the scenes insights as to how the Cavaliers organization have dealt with these questions and how they market the team. --> Play

Robin Thurston, CEO at Pocket Outdoor Media – Episode 6

In this episode, we spoke to Robin Thurston, the CEO of Pocket Outdoor Media, the world’s leading creator of active lifestyle content reaching 15M+ consumers every month. Robin was formerly the Chief Digital Officer at Under Armour, after having found and sold his startup MapMyFitness in 2013. Robin spoke about the recent acquisition of magazine titles from Active Interest Media, his vision for the company, why lifetime customer value is so important, and his thoughts on the future of fitness technology. Be sure to check out Pocket Outdoor Media’s podcast and publications. --> Play

Valorie Kondos Field, Former UCLA Gymnastics Head Coach – Episode 7

In this episode, Laurenn Cutshaw interviews Valorie Kondos Field, also known as Miss Val, the former Head Coach of the UCLA women’s gymnastics team. During her 29-year career, she led the Bruins to seven NCAA championship titles and 18 Pac-12 championship titles. Miss Val is a published author, speaker, breast cancer survivor, and faculty member at UCLA, where she teaches transformative coaching. 

Miss Val and Laurenn dive into her philosophy on coaching and leadership, definitions of winning and success, and the impact of COVID on college sports, and more.

--> Play

Jonathan Snyder, Founder & CEO of Contenders Clothing – Episode 8

In this episode, we speak with Jonathan Snyder, Founder & CEO of Contenders, the leading lifestyle fight brand. Jonathan spoke about the grassroots origins of Contenders, how the brand continued to grow during COVID which enabled them to give back to the fighting community. Jonathan also touched on the Contenders licensing business, which has opened up a really cool opportunity with Cobra Kai and Netflix. --> Play

Joe Kudla, Founder & CEO of Vuori – Episode 9

In this episode of the SLN Podcast, Laurenn Cutshaw speaks with Joe Kudla, Founder, and CEO of Vuori, a performance apparel brand with a nontraditional approach to activewear. Vuori is inspired by the Southern California lifestyle, aiming to make great products to help people live extraordinary lives. Joe and his team value the relationship with their consumers as much as the relationship we have with the planet. --> Play

Jim “The Rookie” Morris, Dream Makers – Episode 10

In this episode of the SLN Podcast, guest host Brad Maybe speaks with Jim “The Rookie” Morris.  Baseball rat, lefthander, science teacher, baseball coach, oldest rookie to ever start an MLB game for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, author, movie producer, motivational speaker, and dream maker.  His book “The Oldest Rookie” was made into the Disney blockbuster, The Rookie, starring Dennis Quaid. Jim discusses his failures, overcoming illness, and the difference between killing yourself and not living, all of which is in his latest book called “Dream Makers.”  --> Play

Rob Langstaff & Dave Larson, RL&A & Larson Brand Consulting – Episode 11

In this episode of the SLN Podcast, Mike Gugat speaks with industry veterans Rob Langstaff and Dave Larson. Rob, a standout distance runner at the United States Air Force Academy wasn’t going to fly planes, so he left the Air Force for an MBA that landed him on the doorstep of adidas in Germany, where he’d later become Head of adidas in Japan before becoming President of adidas for North America. Dave found his way to Stanford to play tennis alongside John McEnroe. After college, Dave would go on to serve brands like Reebok, Nike, Brooks, and Under Armour as a marketing executive. Rob and Dave first became colleagues and friends at Brooks Running. They’re now forming a partnership that will serve organizations in need of their respective business development and brand strategy expertise. Our conversation was had over Squadcast, as Rob resides in Portland and Dave in Orange County. --> Play

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