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ARCH (art + research, culture-hype) provides visitors with an experience built around business discussions and analysis, coverage of interesting fashion, music, books, film, culinary and sports events. Services available include consultation for entrepreneurs, brands, retailers and speaking engagements.

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About ARCH

Experienced Media Executive

I began ARCH in 2009. After helping to launch another brand, I decided that my efforts and talents should go to South Beach… Actually, after learning more about business I decided to implement my ideas into something that I could believe in and that could become a venture that would grow.

ARCH is basically an extension of what I started with Center Court I initially launched CCB as a way to help under recruited players attain college basketball scholarships. CCB helped to send over 100 players to college from 2005 to 2010. The active time for the site was from 05 to 08. While I was operating the camps and website, I was also branding CCB with a small footwear and apparel company. At the time I had 9 colleges wearing the companies uniforms and a professional basketball league as well as streetball leagues also wearing the shoes and uniforms. In 2008, the apparel company that I helped to create was purchased and sold which caused me to be in a serious financial bind. In all honesty once the company was sold I needed to recreate CCB. In going through the process of redesigning the website, I learned a lot about the sneaker biz by researching companies like Nike and Adidas. I realized that I needed to take a break and I began working on a business plan. After a year and a half of research (yep it took that long), I launched ARCH by CCB. The story is a lot more detailed, and if you want to know every detail leave a question and I will respond below, but know this my primary cause in starting ARCH is to create shoes that I like that are cost effective and can perform. As much as I love the other brands, I just felt that I had something to bring to the table. If it works cool, if it doesn’t I can look my children in the eyes and tell them I followed my dreams.

ARCH is always shifting. I no longer operate ARCH as a footwear company and the last four years have been a whirlwind of discovery and experiences, both challenging and satisfying. The site has become a source of information and entertainment and my work in business consulting and analysis has grown considerably. I’ve written two books on the sneaker industry and the ARCH acronym that once represented sport (Athletes Require Competition & Heart) has come to represent the direction of the site (analysis & research consulting hub). I’m available business and marketing consulting opportunities and I hope you continue to visit the site as I move into the next phase.

ARCH, the brand, has been around now for 7 years. I’m contemplating making more shoes. In the meantime I’ve taken the website deep into the lifestyle and sneaker business side. What I want to do is make the love of sneakers more informed. I don’t want to put release dates and all of that, I want to analyze the stocks of the companies, the marketing strategies and introduce apparel, music, and art to the sneaker world. What I want is a site where if you want to buy kicks, you can do that. If you want to learn about the sneaker industry, you can do that. If you want to discover something dope, you can do that. I want sneaker lovers to find an appreciation in everything that life has to offer. I hope you enjoy the site.