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5/24/2023 |  Women's College Sports Are Breaking Records, Do NIL Collectives Care? (Sportico) More people are watching women’s sports, yet funding of women’s college athletic programs and the collectives that support them falls below the men.
5/5/2023 |  Ally Financial's 50/50 pledge reaches 1-year milestone (Gist Sports, The) Talk about celebrating a milestone in style. Yesterday, Ally Financial marked the first anniversary of its 50/50 Pledge to spend equally on men’s and women’s sports media by 2027 with a positive status report and a new brand ambassador program.
4/26/2023 |  Women’s sports are ready to take Canada by storm (Gist Sports, The) Women’s sports are ready to take Canada by storm. A study published Monday revealed that the nation’s professional women’s sports market is currently estimated to be worth $110M to $148M, providing the first step towards understanding the untapped Canadian landscape.
4/24/2023 |  The Audience for Women's Sports Is Surging. Richer Media Deals Could Follow. (Wall Street Journal) The NCAA women's basketball tournament, Women's World Cup and others seek to turn rising ratings into much bigger broadcast fees.
3/27/2023 |  Monarch Collective raises $100 million to fund women's pro sports (AXIOS Sports) Monarch Collective, a new investment firm focused on women's professional sports, has raised $100 million for its debut fund.
Why it matters: Monarch is seeking to fund what it views as the next big wave in pro sports, including investments in teams, leagues and adjacencies (e.g., media platforms, products, gaming).
  • Private equity has begun plugging big money into pro sports, partially enabled by changes to league ownership rules, but most of it has been nine-figure checks into men's teams. 

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