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10/25/2023 |  Scoop: Lauridsen Skatepark gains certification (AXIOS Sports) Lauridsen Skatepark is being certified with USA Skateboarding during a public event Sunday, Polk County and Catch Des Moines officials tell Axios.
Why it matters: The designation means the facility will be a regional skateboarding hub and likely attract more Olympic-qualifying events, Laura Jass, director of sports for tourism advocacy group Catch Des Moines, tells Axios.
10/18/2023 |  Breaking, sports climbing and skateboarding set for debut at Pan American Games (Associated Press (AP)) SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — The Pan American Games in Santiago will try to reach new audiences and seduce a younger crowd by bringing breaking, sports climbing and skateboarding into the program. The two latter were hits at the Tokyo Olympics three years ago, while the dance sport will have its debut in Paris next year.
10/18/2023 |  Vans Debuts Rowan Zorilla’s Second Signature Skate Shoe (Footwear News) Vans gave pro skater Rowan Zorilla his first signature sneaker in 2020, and it quickly became a hit among the kick, push crowd. Now, three years later, the Supreme and Baker rider is getting his second. 
6/8/2023 |  Naked Wolfe Drops NW-00 Sneaker Inspired by Los Angeles’ Skate Culture (Footwear News) Naked Wolfe is expanding into skater culture with its newest drop.
The luxury footwear brand released its latest style earlier this week: the NW-00 sneaker, which is inspired by Los Angeles’ vibrant energy and the raw essence of skate culture.
6/2/2023 |  Converse Releases New AS-1 Pro Colorways in Suede Designed by Skateboarder Alexis Sablone (Footwear News) Converse dropped two new colorways of their AS-1 Pro sneaker, now in suede.
The modern skateboarding sneaker was crafted in collaboration with world-renowned Olympian Alexis Sablone, pulling inspiration from retro ’80s basketball and court silhouettes. Following the release of the sneaker in white and green leather on May 2, the new AS-1 Pro comes in an egret with dark burgundy and black and white colorways.

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