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6/12/2024 |  Edmonton and its roster chock full of Canadians is eager to end Canada’s Stanley Cup drought (Associated Press (AP)) EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) — Connor McDavid on the ice is an electrifying, must-watch sensation fit for the big screen. Off the ice, he does not think there is much “Hollywood” to him.
“Just a Canadian kid,” McDavid said.
A Canadian kid who has led the Edmonton Oilers to the Stanley Cup Final, four wins away from bringing hockey’s hallowed trophy back to the birthplace of the sport for the first time since 1993 — four years before he was born. While fans in Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver might not be rooting for a hated rival to win it all, the Oilers have as good a case as anyone in recent NHL history to get this close to ending the drought and truly call themselves Canada’s team.
6/11/2024 |  Steady decline in youth hockey participation in Canada raises concerns about the future of the sport (Associated Press (AP)) BRAMPTON, Ontario (AP) — All four ice rinks at Susan Fennell Sportsplex are full of action on this winter Saturday morning, the air filled with the sound of hockey skates grinding through ice and pucks clanging off the glass.
The scene is as familiar as the sunrise in countless rinks across Canada. Hockey remains a beloved pastime, a source of pride and joy and something that has knitted the vast nation together for more than 150 years.
6/10/2024 |  Inaugural 4 Nations Face-Off Headed to Boston and Montreal (SportsTravel) The National Hockey League and NHL Players’ Association have announced that the Bell Centre in Montreal and TD Garden in Boston will serve as the host venues and cities for the 4 Nations Face-Off in February 2025, which will feature international tournament play between NHL players from Canada, Finland, Sweden and the United States.
“Two iconic cities. We thought it was important to have some exposure in Canada,” said Bill Daly, NHL deputy commissioner. “Obviously we have 32 franchises, so we could have put it anywhere, but those were the two that kind of rose to the top.”
6/7/2024 |  Panthers and Stars win Dillman Award as top media relations staffs in NHL for 2023-24 (Associated Press (AP)) The media relations staffs from the Florida Panthers and Dallas Stars were announced Thursday as the winners of this year’s Dick Dillman Award, which is presented annually to recognize excellence by the Professional Hockey Writers Association to one team from each conference in the NHL.
6/6/2024 |  All-access NHL show is coming from the makers of ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’ (Associated Press (AP)) The NHL is getting the “Drive to Survive” treatment, with a hockey series from the makers of the popular Formula 1 show coming to Prime Video in the fall.
After getting players to buy in to the project with Box to Box Films, the league is hoping for the same kind of popularity boost F1 got by bringing in a whole new set of fans who were previously unfamiliar with the sport.
“We have seen what these shows do for a sport in terms of raising the popularity, and we realize any chance we get to grow our sport, we’re going to do it,” NHL chief content officer and senior executive VP Steve Mayer said. “It’s something that we feel will put us in front of a whole new audience. I think everybody has seen the effects that ‘Drive to Survive’ had on Formula 1 racing, ‘Full Swing’ has done a lot for golf, and obviously the storytelling that’s involved is unique and very different.”

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