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5/17/2024 |  Scottie Scheffler isn’t the first pro golfer to be arrested during a tournament (Associated Press (AP)) Scottie Scheffler’s arrest hours before his second-round tee time at the PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky, will go down as one of the most shocking in professional golf history. It certainly wasn’t the first, though.
Tiger Woods and John Daly are probably the highest-profile golfers to wear handcuffs, but Scheffler’s arrest is very different because it happened while he was competing in a tournament — a major championship, no less.
5/17/2024 |  Scheffler, charged with assault after officer dragged near fatal crash, tees off at PGA Championship (Associated Press (AP)) LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Masters champion Scottie Scheffler was arrested Friday morning on his way to the PGA Championship, with stunning images showing him handcuffed as he was taken to jail for not following police orders during a pedestrian fatality investigation.
In a span of four hours, the top-ranked golfer in the world was arrested wearing gym shorts and a T-shirt, dressed in an orange jail shirt for his mug shot, returned to Valhalla Golf Club in golf clothes and made his 10:08 a.m. second-round tee time. 
5/17/2024 |  Police officer hospitalized after incident that led to Scottie Scheffler's arrest (AXIOS Sports) A police officer was hospitalized Friday after being dragged by golfer Scottie Scheffler's vehicle near the site of this year's PGA Championship, in an incident that led to Scheffler's arrest.
Why it matters: Scheffler, the top-ranked golfer in the world, was charged with felony assault on a police officer and three misdemeanors for the incident, which he said was a "big misunderstanding."
  • He was released from jail Friday morning and showed up shortly before his second-round tee time at the championship — one of the PGA Tour's four major tournaments of the year.
5/17/2024 |  World's No. 1 golfer Scottie Scheffler arrested outside major tournament hours before tee time (Business Insider)
  • The world's No. 1 golfer was detained by police just outside the PGA Championship.
  • Reports say Scottie Scheffler tried to drive around police into the golf station.
  • He was handcuffed and booked in jail hours before tee time.
5/17/2024 |  Everything We Know About Scottie Scheffler’s Arrest By Police Before PGA Championship (DEADSPIN) The No. 1 golfer in the world, Scottie Scheffler, was pulled over and detained by law enforcement officials before the start of the PGA Championship this morning.
He was charged with second degree  assault of a police officer, third degree criminal mischief, reckless driving, and disregarding signals from an officer directing traffic. He was released from jail on his own recognition. It’s currently unclear, but doubtful, that he will be able to continue competing in the PGA Championship this weekend as a result of the detainment. Yahoo Sports is reporting that Scheffler is expected to arrive at Valhalla at 9 a.m., where he has a scheduled 10:08 a.m. tee time.

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