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12/9/2023 |  Kyrgios confirms he won’t compete at the Australian Open (Associated Press (AP)) MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — Nick Kyrgios has confirmed he won’t compete at the Australian Open next month because of injuries.
The 28-year-old Australian said on social media he’ll miss the Grand Slam for a second straight year because he needs “a little more time” to recover.
Kyrgios, whose name was absent from the entry list for the tournament, pulled out of last season’s Australian Open because he needed knee surgery. He later dealt with a wrist problem.
12/9/2023 |  If you’re missing Succession, this PGA Tour-LIV drama isn’t far off (DEADSPIN) Over the past week in golf, we’ve had stories of a failed coup, back alley dealings with private equity firms, an all-consuming power broker, an uncomfortable media appearance, and merger negotiations on par with anything that happened between Waystar Royco and GoJo. All that’s left for HBO to do is see if Jesse Armstrong wants to sift through a different industry’s baggage. 
12/8/2023 |  Jon Rahm is leaving for LIV Golf. Here’s what it means for LIV and the PGA Tour (Associated Press (AP)) Jon Rahm has been saying that he plays golf for history and for legacy, not for money. And now he’s playing for the Saudi-funded LIV Golf League in a shocking departure from the PGA Tour.
A week of speculation on social media ended with Rahm in a jacket — not the green jacket he won at the Masters this year but a black letterman’s jacket with LIV Golf across the front — as he discussed reasons for bolting during an appearance on Fox News.
12/8/2023 |  Jon Rahm is a hypocrite and a sellout. But he's getting paid, and that's clearly all he cares about. (USA TODAY) Only Jon Rahm can say whether he sold his soul. His principles and his reputation, however, are now owned by the Saudis.
The two-time major champion and once-ardent defender of the PGA Tour became the biggest name to defect to LIV Golf on Thursday, deciding the tradition and challenge of the Tour weren’t so important to him, after all. Who needs to play on courses where Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods made their mark when you can stage glorified exhibitions with the Cleeks and the HyFlyers!
12/8/2023 |  Masters winner Jon Rahm to join LIV Golf (United Press International (UPI)) Dec. 7 (UPI) -- Masters champion Jon Rahm will leave the PGA Tour and compete in the Saudi-funded LIV Golf Series, joining several other top players who made the same move over the last two years.

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