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SGB Media is the leading source of daily business news and information for the sporting goods and active lifestyle trade. 
SGB’s content includes industry news feeds, news features, financial analysis and in-depth interviews with top executives in the field.
SGB Media publishes two daily newsletters, SGB Daily and SGB Today, that include a mix of free SGB Update business news, SGB Today product and marketing news as well as subscription-based SGB Executive c-suite news, insight and analysis. 
You can subscribe to free access to SGB Update and SGB Today daily content at the SGB Media subscription page.  SGB Media also offers SBRnet users a special academic subscription rate for access to SGB Executive content. You can subscribe to early bird complimentary access to SGB Executive on the SGB Media subscription page.

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SGB Media places active lifestyle industry news in context each day, providing insight, analysis and brand, product and style trends. SGB Media delivers daily comprehensive posts, always providing readers a “what is happening now” view in the SGB Updates, SGB Today and SGB Executive newsletters. Thought-provoking, relevant and always influential, SGB Media defines the culture of the active lifestyle industry.

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