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The Running Spirit (RUNNING INSIGHT) America’s running stores rolled into the fall with momentum and energy as normalcy continues returning to daily life in the post-pandemic age.
From lively back-to-school events and programs for cross-country runners to creative efforts to draw in new clientele and noble initiatives to spread goodwill to local residents, run shops further cemented their status as a premier nexus point between healthy living and their communities.

Vendor Insight: Taiwan Excellence — Atunas, Asus and Makalot Brands Q&A (RUNNING INSIGHT) Taiwan Excellence celebrates and promotes the best and most innovative brands and products from Taiwan. The symbol of Taiwan Excellence was established in 1993 by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs.
The selection is based on the distinct criteria of R&D, quality, design, and marketing. Selected products for the Taiwan Excellence Awards embody the best of the country’s domestic industries and are promoted by the government in global markets.

Boston Marathon to welcome nonbinary athletes to 2023 race (USA TODAY) BOSTON (AP) — Nonbinary athletes will be able to run in next year’s Boston Marathon without having to register as members of the men’s or women’s divisions, race organizers announced Monday.

Boston Marathon introduces non-binary gender option (AXIOS Sports) Boston Marathon applicants will for the first time have the option to select non-binary as their gender, the race's organizers announced Monday.
The big picture: Non-binary runners will have a chance to compete without having to register for the men's or women's division of the marathon, the organizers said.
Details: The Boston Athletic Association opened registration for the April 2023 race Monday and added non-binary as a gender option.

Boston Marathon to Welcome Nonbinary Athletes to 2023 Race (Bloomberg) Boston (AP) -- Nonbinary athletes will be able to run in next year's Boston Marathon without having to register as members of the men's or women's divisions, race organizers announced Monday.

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