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Classroom Videos

If you are looking for some content specifically focused on how SBRnet is used in the classroom, check out these classroom presentations that are focused on using data for a variety of applications and case studies like sponsorship, team valuations, sports participation and related categories. If you want to set up a classroom session reach out to Mark or Neil at

In the Classroom with SBRnet: Professor Lisa Delpy Nairotti of George Washington University

Mark Sullivan and Neil Schwartz participated in Professor Lisa Delpy Naiotti’s class that focused on using data as an integral part of their research and strategic thinking.  We focused our attention om looking at various research methodologies. We used the recently released Sports Fandom in. Post Pandemic World as the focus for the presentation. 

In the Classroom with SBRnet: Teaches "Sport in Society" Class at Cornerstone University

Neil Schwartz and Mark Sullivan spent some time with the Sport in Society Class taught by Professor Scott Huckaby.  The presentation utilized data from SBRnet’s 2021 Sports Fandom proprietary research focused on the changing nature of Sports Fandom focused on a variety of subjects including:  Sports Gambling, Fantasy Sports, Streaming Media, Gaming and Social Media Engagement. 

In the Classroom with SBRnet: Linfield University's Dr. Natalie Welch

Mark Sullivan and Neil Schwartz were invited to speak in the Sports Business Class at Linfield University taught by Dr. Natalie Welch. The presentation took a bit of a deep dive into looking at Sports Fandom in a Post Pandemic environment and how things have been changed across the board thanks to Covid 19.

In the Classroom with SBRnet: Professor Jonathan Casper of North Carolina State University

SBRnet President, Neil Schwartz was invited to speak to the Sport Marketing Class taught by Dr. Jonathan Casper, Associate Professor at North Carolina State University.  During the class, Neil discussed a variety of subjects that were focused on the process of using data and research as part of the market planning and strategic process.