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Celtics’ Jaylen Brown on coach Ime Udoka’s suspension: ‘We were all shocked’ (Athletic, The) Celtics players revealed at Boston’s media day on Monday that they don’t know much information about coach Ime Udoka’s suspension for the 2022-23 season.

Thompson: Jordan Poole is about to get paid, and the Warriors can’t afford to let him go (Athletic, The)

SAN FRANCISCO — Kevon Looney, who knows a thing or two about contract years, said the pressure doesn’t come from within when a player enters a season on the verge of big money. He said it’s from “the outside world.” Family and friends, agents and managers, media and well-wishers.

Hoop Culture Secures Naming Rights For Metaverse Arena In Orlando. (SGB UPDATE) LootMogul announced that an agreement has been made for Hoop Culture Inc., the basketball lifestyle brand, to acquire the naming rights for the Metaverse Arena in Orlando.
The terms of the deal also include an agreement for Hoop Culture to place five retail/experiential stores in five Arenas within the LootMogul Metaverse.

The Boston Celtics’ Dream Offseason Has Turned Into A Nightmare (Forbes SportsMoney) The trouble had been brewing for some time but Friday was the day when the Boston Celtics’ once-promising offseason officially went off the rails. With one unsatisfying press conference, the Celtics went from being the betting favorites to become next year’s NBA champions to a gigantic question mark.

Bob Iger? Michael Bidwill? Here's who has the best odds of buying the Phoenix Suns (AXIOS Sports) You can place a bet on anything these days, including who will be the new owner of the Phoenix Suns.
  • Sportsbook Bovada released its odds as to who is most likely to purchase the team from owner Robert Sarver. 

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