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Augusta Greenjackets

RSV Pro Facilities Report
March, 2015
Augusta Greenjackets

PO Box 3846 Hill Station Augusta, GA 30914 Phone: 706-736-7889 Fax: 706-736-1122 URL: Owner: Ripken Baseball Group League: South Atlantic League, Southern

Lake Olmstead Stadium, 78 Milledge Rd, Augusta, GA 30904 Owner: Richmond Stadium Authority Managed by: Team Built: 1995 Capacity: 4,500 Permanent concession stands: 2 Concessionaire: Team Soft drink: Coca Cola Beer: Multiple

Ticket prices
Season tickets range from $370 to $555 Single tickets range from $8.00 to $12.00

2012 Average attendance: 2,846 2013 average attendance: 2,851 2014 average attendance: 2,525

Lake Olmstead Stadium is owned by Richmond County and was built in 1995. There are no luxury suites or club seats in the facility. The Georgia Crown Grill and Bar is an open-air restaurant at the ballpark. At present it has no formal seating, other than nearby picnic tables, but it is evolving into a full restaurant.
The city has given the Greenjackets permission to sell naming rights to Lake Olmstead Stadium. The team expects to earn $100,000 annually from the 10-year sale and will give the city 25 percent of the proceeds the first year, then 35 percent the following years.
The team pays $50,000 a year in rent and spends $175,000 a year on maintenance. (Baseball, Facilities, Minor League, Professional Sports, Venue)