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About SBRnet


I love the video you recorded. I think the students will be able to get a great head start on their projects. Neil, you provided them with a great foundation to get started on a great project. I think the recorded presentation will work very well in an online environment.
--Janice E. Wardle, Ph.D., Chair of Sport Management, Masters of Sport Management, Wilmington University

I would like to start off by saying THANK YOU very much for your meaningful support and contributions to our future industry professionals. This year's case study couldn't be more practical because of your proprietary data and market studies. My students learned a great deal of the real-world sport marketing and the importance of the data-driven decision making approach.

In addition, I will make sure to integrate your data and business insights into my Sport Marketing course. What a valuable sport marketing resource! I truly appreciate you sharing your expertise with educators and students. Again, thank you for your time and the information.

--Young Do Kim, School of Communications, Elon University

We have projects in all aspects of sports management through the years. Most every student team needs consumer/user/fan data, however, including professional team and college fan buying, attendance and viewership. More recently, there’s been interest in the social media fan data and multiscreen viewing data, too. We had someone researching a Peloton competitor and wanted to know how many people cycle at home. Other students were interested in the sports marketing contracts that universities sign with big companies. I tell our students to use SBRnet rather than Google because it’s focused strictly on the sports business.
--Laura Berdish, Kresge Library Services, Stephen M. Ross School of Business at University of Michigan

I wanted to reach out and thank you for your gracious willingness to come and speak to our classes last week. What a GREAT insight to not only the sports industry but sharing your expertise on gambling and eSports as well. Helping our students know the importance and value of data analytics... and the story they tell.
--Scott Huckaby, Assistant Professor of Sports Management for Cornerstone Univesity

The Bschool has a strong analytics curriculum, and the nature of sports as historically rich in data has made it a natural and popular fit for student projects. Plus, many students have an understanding of the data and love sports, so it’s an area that sparks genuine interest. It also is a career path, whether it be from the analytics, marketing, or operations side that has long been popular at Goizueta Business School.
--Susan M. Klopper, Director, Goizueta Business Library at Emory University

Our sport administration program strength is application-based instruction, as with our strong alumni and industry connections, we can teach our students the real-world skills that are needed for them to achieve employment.  We do this through live client projects at both the undergraduate and graduate level, which relies greatly on both industry and academic research.  SBRNet is a key resource for our students to gather and analyze sports participation, fan, market, sponsor, and venue information.
--Chad F. Boeninger, Head of User Services, Ohio University Libraries