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The FanVerse from SBRnet

SBRnet has developed a holistic way of looking at audience measurement for sports fans that combines traditional audience measurment with categories that measure active engagement among the same fans to create the FanVerse Measurement.

SBRnet is able to provide FanVerse Measurments for:
  • Leagues
  • Teams
  • Geographic Areas
  • All data derived from the SBRnet annual study of sports fans:  18 leagues/sports, 65 categories of data, 5 years of data for trending.
    • 1: Set baseline audience based on fans that attend and/or watch games on traditional or streaming media. 
    • 2: Then calculate the Fan Engagement Score.  This made up of 8 separate variables using the respective median measures for all categories. 
      • Viewership, Traditional and Streaming
      • Live Attendance at Games
      • Licensed Merch Purchase Intentions
      • Fantasy Play:  Season Long and Daily Play Included
      • The influence of sponsorship messaging
      • Sports Gambling Participation
      • Sports Travel to support their favorite team*
      • Social Media Usage Volume
    • 3: Multiply engagement score against baseline audience to create Fan Audience Engagement Measurement
Engaged fans, watch more , buy more, gamble more, spend more travel more and are all around more valuable.
Posted: 8/14/2022 3:29:05 PM by Global Administrator | with 0 comments