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In The Classroom with SBRnet: Professor Nancy Lough at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

On Tuesday evening, Neil joined the IPSM-711 Sport Marketing Class taught by Professor Nancy Lough at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. This course is a study of the conceptual and empirical approaches sport leaders can utilize for building relationships with stakeholders of college sport programs. Topics being covered: responsible innovation, consumer behavior, strategic marketing plan development, corporate sponsorship, brand building, licensing, protection of intellectual property, promotion and advertising, marketing ethics, social media strategy as well as application of market research in the college sport context.

During the class, Neil discussed how the Sports Market Analytics data platform could provide them the information needed to conduct data driven problem solving and strategic planning. Neil specifically focused on how the team-by-team data for college sports can be applied to better understand how sports gambling platform operators can best create partnerships for the college market.

Posted: 9/29/2022 2:58:09 PM by Global Administrator | with 0 comments